How To Enhance Your Cigar Smoking Experience

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For many, smoking a cigar is a guilty pleasure. For some cigarette smokers, cigars are the next step in getting a great tasting experience from their smoke. There are several ways to enhance your smoking experience, from resting your cigar to finding your perfect match; cigar smoking is something that can be enjoyed in many ways. Here are six great tips to make the most of your cigar and the flavors within.

Finding Your Perfect Match

We all have our guilty pleasures; for some this may be chocolate and wine, but for others, this may be a cigar and a glass of scotch. Whatever your favorite food or drink, finding a perfect taste match for your cigar can improve your smoking experience. There are many flavors that can work with many different cigars and this can all depend on the user’s preferences. Try anything from coffee to fish, as there are no right or wrong answers! The earthy tones within coffee can match well with the same tones in most cigars, whilst the smokiness of your cigar can bring a whole new meaning to smoked fish. Whatever your perfect match, cigars can bring a whole new palate of flavor to many of your favorite foods and drinks.

Turn the Cigar to Slow Down the Burn

If you have smoked a lot of cigars, you will have experienced the annoyance of one side burning faster than the other. This is also known as canoeing and can make your cigar burn faster than you would like. The best way to avoid this happening is to turn your cigar so whatever side is burning faster is always moved to the top. Scientifically, canoeing happens when the slow burning side is facing downwards. This is due to oxygen reacting quicker with the bottom because of the rising smoke, which then makes the bottom burn at a faster rate. Turning your cigar round can prevent this from happening for an even and more pleasant smoke.

Take Your Time

Cigars are made to be savored and unlike a normal cigarette, the flavors inside a cigar can be missed by smoking too quickly. Puffing away at your cigar too quickly can mean it is over before you know it and you haven’t had the chance to taste the unique characteristics and savor the experience. The faster you smoke a cigar, the more the flavors will be hidden by the taste of the tobacco you are burning from smoking at such a quick rate. To ensure you get each and every flavor from your next cigar, take your time and give your cigar a rest. This means letting your cigar rest between inhales, taking around two puffs every sixty seconds. This can enhance the taste experience immensely. Try it yourself to discover the difference that taking your time can make.

Try Smoking Before It’s Lit

This may seem like an odd concept as the whole point of smoking a cigar is to light it first. Although you may want to get home and put your feet up and smoke your cigar, resisting this temptation can enhance your smoking experience even further. This is also called a cold draw and it is where you take a puff of your cigar just as you would if it were lit. This can allow you to taste every single one of its unique flavors and it will give you a much more refined taste than smoking alone. Enhancing your smoking experience doesn’t just need to be through the art of cigars though, with glass pipes bringing a whole new flavor and depth to tobacco. Glass pipes have many different features for a more refined smoke, including water filtration which promotes a smoother pull and therefore a healthier smoke. Find wholesale glass pipes here to improve the quality of each smoke.

Taste It Through the Nose

To truly taste something, we not only taste it on our tongue, but we also use our sense of smell. Retro-haling is what many smokers do to get every taste out of their cigar. This can bring a whole new experience to your cigar and you can taste it in ways you have never tasted it before. This needs a little practice to get right and is done by pushing smoke through the nose. Not only does it enhance your experience, but it is a super cool technique to master. Your mouth can taste the basic flavors within the cigar whether this be sweet, sour, bitter or salty, but inhaling the smoke through the nose can also help to taste anything else that may be subtly hidden within the cigar. For many who have retro-haling down to a T, flavors that have also emerged include mint and almonds. The only way to truly taste test your cigar is to give it a try. Don’t give up if it takes a while to get right though, as the taste benefits are worth it.

Get Rid of Unwanted Taste Changes

When oil builds up within your cigar, an unpleasant taste can come out from smoking and often this can ruin the rest of your cigar and cause you to throw it away early. There is an easy way to stop this happening and it is often called purging in the cigar smoking world. To get back to the original taste of your cigar, all you need to do is blow through rather than inhaling. This should get rid of any unwanted taste change and ensure you get the most from the rest of your smoke.

Cigar smoking should be a pleasant experience that is savored. For anyone that loves the flavors that come along with cigar smoking, following these six tips can give you an even more pleasing smoking experience. There are many cigars available online with flavors for every palate. For the perfect cigar, quality is key, and it may be worth the extra money to buy cigars that you can enjoy time and time again.

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