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Sedrick Dunson is the founder of Phat Ash Collection, a T-Shirt brand designed to focus on people who like to hold on to their ash while smoking a cigar. If you have ever tried to keep a long ash while smoking a cigar then you know just how difficult it is. Phat Ash prides itself on community, culture, and commitment.

The cigar community is a diverse community that is very accepting to everyone from ALL walks of life. It is part of a growing culture to learn more about cigars in all aspects while relaxing and enjoying time together. Phat Ash is committed to bringing community and culture together and providing opportunities for it to happen. They make quality products with great value so as to be sure they never disappoint.

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How to Smoke a Cigar Like a Pro

By: Richard Carleton Hacker, Author Of The Ultimate Cigar Book, With Cigar Master Benji Menendez | Source: Cigar World

Cigar smoking begins with a ritual that involves cutting, toasting and lighting. Here are some instructions that will help you look like a true cigar aficionado.

First, using your cigar cutter of choice (although we prefer the guillotine), make a deft cut or opening at the head of the cigar – the closed end, aka the part you will be putting between your lips.

Do this above or at the seam that you will see at the shoulder, or sloped part of the head. When cutting a cigar, if you cut too far down into the cigar, below the seam, the entire cigar could unravel so be careful where you make your cut.

Next, before you light it, put the cigar to your lips and draw through it. It should draw smoothly. If not, it is too tightly rolled (in which case you should get a new cigar, because things won’t get better) or try making a slightly larger cut to admit more air. But again, don’t cut too far down because you don’t want the wrapper to come off. READ THE ARTICLE

How To Enhance Your Cigar Smoking Experience

Courtesy of

For many, smoking a cigar is a guilty pleasure. For some cigarette smokers, cigars are the next step in getting a great tasting experience from their smoke. There are several ways to enhance your smoking experience, from resting your cigar to finding your perfect match; cigar smoking is something that can be enjoyed in many ways. Here are six great tips to make the most of your cigar and the flavors within.

Finding Your Perfect Match

We all have our guilty pleasures; for some this may be chocolate and wine, but for others, this may be a cigar and a glass of scotch. Whatever your favorite food or drink, finding a perfect taste match for your cigar can improve your smoking experience. There are many flavors that can work with many different cigars and this can all depend on the user’s preferences. Try anything from coffee to fish, as there are no right or wrong answers! The earthy tones within coffee can match well with the same tones in most cigars, whilst the smokiness of your cigar can bring a whole new meaning to smoked fish. Whatever your perfect match, cigars can bring a whole new palate of flavor to many of your favorite foods and drinks.  READ THE ARTICLE

How To Determine The Body, Flavor And Strength of a Cigar

Courtesy of Palma Cigars Co.

In the cigar-smoking world, terms like Body, Flavor and Strength represent the three distinctive characteristics or sensory inputs used to describe the different aspects of the experience of smoking a premium cigar. Let’s take a closer look at each of them through the experience of cigar reviewer David “Doc” Diaz:

Refers to the impact on the palate and nasal mucosa experienced when smoking a cigar. We can experience the “body” through the effect that the tobacco components have on the touch and taste receptors in our mouth and nose. To better describe those sensory effects, other terms like texture, richness, weight, and overall mouth feel can be used as well.

The magnitude of a cigar’s body can be rated as light, light-to-medium, medium, medium-full or full. A full-bodied cigar will feel heavy in the mouth and nose, contrary to the feel of a very light bodied cigar. The greater the impact one feels in the mouth and nose, the greater the body of the cigar.   READ THE ARTICLE

10 Things Every Cigar Smoker Should Know

By Gregory Mottola |

The comforting world of premium cigars can sometimes seem bogged down by endless choices, confusing messages and opinions posing as fact. It can be a complicated, confusing hobby, even for a longtime smoker. To help navigate the maze, we’ve assembled a list of facts and information that aim to give insight and perspective to every level of cigar aficionado, whether novice or inveterate.

This list is by no means a Ten Commandments of cigar smoking. It’s more of a basic treatise that addresses pertinent issues and highlights some of the aspects that make the premium cigar industry unique. We’ve also included a few useful tips that will serve to enhance the smoking experience and elevate the enjoyment of this beloved pastime.

1. Cigars Are a Natural and Artisanal Product

Buzzwords like “natural” and “artisanal” are overused and abused in today’s parlance, but premium, handmade cigars have truly earned the right to flaunt these credentials. They are made of one thing and one thing only—tobacco. Pure, unadulterated tobacco. READ THE ARTICLE

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